Existing projectsEdit

Here's a listing of known DIY KitchenAid mixer attachment projects.

Ball MillsEdit

Cavatelli (Shell Pasta/Gnocchi) MakerEdit

Chocolate Tempering MachinesEdit

Coffee GrindersEdit


Taffy Pulling MachinesEdit

Pasta MachineEdit

  • KitchenAid sells their own pasta making attachments but they are quite expensive. It is possible to connect a manual crank pasta machine to the KitchenAid mixer attachment hub. Check out this DIY from Kallistii at, who salvages an already broken Rotor Shredder/Slicer attachment to make a modular attachment for pasta roller and cutter attachments.

Ice Cream MakersEdit

  • LeeroyLee, this is an inversion of the other projects. He has a KitchenAid brand ice cream maker attachment and is trying to drive it with a hand drill instead of a KitchenAid mixer.


Several projects have also been suggested but not started

  • Ice shaver, suggested by jeffkobi over on Instructables. (The Rotor Slicer/Shredder attachment RVS-A shaves ice with one of its blades, so this may be moot.)
  • Coconut scraper (standard rotating serrated ball on a shaft, as available from Indian and Asian stores) for shredding coconut flesh from its shell.  This should be a very straight-forward mod, requiring only a single straight connection to the square drive.